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Wire Mesh India

Mittal Wirenetting Works have earned good reputation in last 50 years. Genuineness and authenticity of our products made us won many well known buyers and customers from domestic as well as international market. Our company has a successful history of last 50 years in delivering all types of & fencing products to various industries. We serve our products to various industries such as constructional industry, mechanical industries, chemical industries, building material industries, filter making industries, plastic industries, metal mining industries etc.

Immense growth in industrialization has raised the demand for new and innovative filtration & fencing products. To serve this purpose, we always make conscious efforts to upgrade our techniques to design new and upgraded products at our firm. Our world class products include wire mesh, perforated metal sheets, vibrating screens, belts, wire netting, wire cloth, filter cloth, expanded metal, sieves, extruder screen and many more filtration & fencing products. Last but not the least, we will be extremely happy to serve you with all your requirements.

We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Wire Mesh, Wirenetting, Fine Mesh and Wire Cloth in India from last 50 years. We offer a wide range of woven wire mesh products. We offer a complete range of wire mesh with various mesh sizes and thickness(in all metals). Our wire mesh is vastly used in all Industries. 

Mittal Wirenetting Works is well-equipped with latest machinery and modern technologies under the state of art premises with most efficient and assiduous professionals. The company has marked its presence in the market and is growing with leaps and bounds only because of better quality and prompt delivery at very competitive prices

We are a foremost manufacturer and exporter of Perforated Metal Sheets in India. We manufacture only durable perforated metal sheets which are perfect entity for various food, plastic, filter and pharmaceutical companies. As our perforated metal sheets are capable of bearing more load, these are widely used in many industries. In regard to this, we offer our perforated metal sheets at highly compet

We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of all types of Vibrating Screens. We offer a versatile range of vibrating screens that has earned immense acceptance world wide. Our vibrating screens are exclusively designed to address the peculiar demands of the chemical, metal mining, wastewater and forest products industries. Moreover, vibrating screens manufactured and exported by us are ideally suited for filtering and processing several materials such as crushed stone, sand, coal, coke, ores, wooden chips, fertilizers and several other products.

We manufacture and export quality conveyor belts to various customers in India and abroad.Conveyor Belts offered by us are widely used in Industrial Sector, Food Sector,Mining
Sector, and several other sectors.Our conveyor belts can be easily customized according to need and specifications of customers (in Stainless steel and Carbon steel,in different Width,Wire Thickness and Size).

Crimped Wire Mesh is popularly known as the Iron crimped mesh or stainless steel crimped mesh.Varieties of different metals make it through crimping mesh machines.

Wire Mesh India is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of Wire Mesh and similar Filtration & Fencing Products.We Manufacture all the type of wire mesh.Whatever your requirement either heavy or light or medium wire mesh,we will cater your order in very short period .as an industry giant,we can give you best deal with quality products.

Expanded Metal Mesh is the most practical and economical way to assure strength,safety, and a non-skid surface.Expanded Metal grating is ideal for use on plant runways,working platforms,and catwalks,as it is easily cut into irregular shapes and can be installed quickly by welding or bolting.

Wire Mesh India offering very fine and accurate meshes of stainless steel and trusted sieves since ages.
We use best quality Brass,Stainless Steel and G.I Frames to manufacture the Sieves.

Wire Mesh India is the Manufacturer and export i of Extruder Screens single and multilayer screens. We manufacture and supply a wide range of screens with international standards. Our single and multilayer screens feature various specifications to suit individual industrial and commercial requirements.

Hexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of Chicken Mesh. Hexagonal wire netting is manufactured in:

  • Galvanized Iron
  • Galvanized Iron Drawn Wire
  • Stainless Steel
Feature: Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. 
Weaving Pattern: Normal twist and Reverse twist.

Chainlink Fencing is Woven in a diamond pattern and provides strong durable and flexible fencing.The wires run vertically and are bent into a Zig Zag pattern so thjat each "Zig" hooks with the wire immediately on one side and each "Zag" with the wire immediately on the other. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern seen in this type of Fence. The closely spaced diamond mesh construction gives your Fence linear strength and springy texture. Chainlink is usually manufactured from Galvanised Iron , PVC coated and Stainless Steel Wires. The popularity of this fencing is due to its relatively low cost and easy for installation.

Weld mesh is manufactured from metal wires welded using an electronically controlled electric process employing the principle of fusion combined with pressure at their intersections. This gives a homogeneous section without any loss of strength or area. By using different diameter wires, it can be made into light or heavy gauge product. Because it is welded it can be cut into any shape. It cannot separate or fray and does not require tensioning in order to pull it into shape. It can be supplied in framed panels made to customer’s requirements. Its large open area gives good visibility when used as screening or for guards.


Welded mesh provides safety wherever moving machinery is involved. As machine guards or fixed safety barriers, welded mesh provides visibility together with all the protection the Health & Safety Acts require.

For storage Potter & Soar welded mesh makes strong pallet sides, shelves for racking, bins, scrap containers, baskets and so on.

Guarding and protecting are two important areas in the building trades where mesh is invaluable. Safety guards on scaffolding, tree guards, window guards, and motorway bridge parapet guards are just a few examples. Protection of people and property is becoming more and more important in days of increasing vandalism.
Agriculture and Horticulture
Weld mesh is extremely versatile for all sorts of applications in the farming industry. On the Poultry, Rabbit and Mink industries it is used for rearing cages. However one of the most extensive applications is for animal enclosures and not just round the farms, but in zoos, kennels, aviaries and catteries. It is also used for making silo bins, ventilation and drying ducks, trailer sides, retaining panels for barns, gates and fencing.

Welded Wire Mesh offers a convenient means to quickly partition/ barricade large areas with rigid fencing. High security fencing with 3"x1/2" spacing is common for secure areas like Mints, Treasuries. The mesh is easily anchored to structural posts/angles.

Floor Grating
Welded Wire Mesh is an easier alternative to plates for industrial structural flooring. It provides for lighter material and ventilation across floors 

Machine Guards
Welded Wire mesh is an elegant and cost and material saving alternative to sheet metal for enclosures to machines, Electrical equipments.